Telecommunication Systems Solutions provides its clients with the most experienced real estate staff in the wireless industry. Our principles were pioneers in wireless phone network deployment and have successfully deployed networks in areas such as New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We have also provided site auditing and other specialized expert services in areas such as Florida, Alabama, Texas and California.

Our Real Estate Division excels at choosing the right properties from both a technical and municipal land use standpoint. This type of skillful site identification assists our clients by providing superior sites that are expeditiously reviewed by zoning and planning boards. 

Zoning regulations continue to change at a rapid rate and the only way to determine a location that a municipality deems as acceptable is to have experienced representatives discuss such locations with municipal representatives. This process assists in establishing an open dialogue with the community and helps them to better understand your needs and requirements. 

Our close working relationship with many municipalities, as well as our extensive wireless experience, has led many communities to utilize our skills in drafting municipal ordinances and zoning codes. Both the communities and the wireless industry have deemed the ordinances created by this progressive approach a great success. These ordinances balance the needs of both parties while providing incentives for industry to locate into preferred zones by eliminating the zoning process completely. 

The TSS Real Estate Division is the leading expert in technical real estate acquisition and land use. We differ from many of our competitors by providing you with fully trained personnel. Our employees are not only experts in real estate acquisition and zoning, they are cross trained in construction and radio engineering practices so that they can serve you more efficiently by providing sites that are acceptable from all network implementation aspects. 

Let TSS show you our approach to successful system development. You will immediately see the positive results this approach will provide and we know that you will be surprised at the cost-effective benefits associated with our program. 

TSS offers the following services to our clientele.

  • Site identification
  • Accurate site mapping
  • Site photographs
  • Professional zoning determination
  • RF test scheduling
  • Lease negotiations
  • Right of way / easement procurement 
  • Legal counsel interface
  • Public relations interface with local community groups
  • Zoning project coordination and implementation
  • Zoning testimony
  • Permit expedition
  • Post construction interface with all community inquires