TSS played a integral part in assisting Verizon Wireless and FEMA with their recovery efforts after the attack on the World Trade Center. Telecommunication Systems Solutions positioned all of its assets to deploy portable cell sites and set up microwave links throughout the downtown New York area including Ground Zero.

Our efforts provided relief to the thousands of rescue personnel from various federal, state and city agencies who responded to this tragedy as well as assisting the businesses in New York to stay connected during this catastrophe. 

Our personnel have learned a great deal from experience and have been involved in providing wireless services in recovery and rescue response projects such as airline crashes and other major disasters for over sixteen years. Our expertise in organization, deployment, communication management and our strong working relationship with the various municipal agencies support our clients in meeting their customers needs during an emergency deployment.

Our C.E.R.T. Teams are ready to assist our clients and/or local, state and federal agencies with any problem that may require expert wireless deployment in a professional and expeditious manner.